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Re: [IP] Info Needed on Supplies

> Hi, this is my first week on the 508.  There are a few things you find
> out along the way, and I have a few questions-
> 1.  Do you think it's a good idea to inventory your supplies when they
> are shipped?  Are they ever short?
> 2.  Anyone else have a problem with the "wings" on the soft set?  It's
> digging in, and MM says I need to put the tapes down in a different
> order.
> 3.  Anyone ever got a disconnect that wont disconnect? I'm trying to
> figure out how to shower without disconnecting because I don't want to
> throw away a good set.
> 4.How early do you reorder supplies?  Is one month standard?
> Thanks in advance for the help.

This is my first week pumping too, and I have some of the same questions as
So any answers will be appreciated. Also, the insurance rep from MM told me
that in my last box of soft-serters, I would find the reorder form and could
reorder at that time. I checked all the boxes, and it is not there. So I
need reorder help, too.

Laura, MM did not have me put the IV3000 tape down first on my  set, MM had
sent this in my supplies. I asked the rep about it, and he didn't have a
firm answer. He said I COULD, that some people did that were sensitive. He
called me back and said yes, put the IV3000 down first, then use the
soft-set, then both tapes in the serter package. First the white one, and
then the skin one over the top. Is this what you are doing? Maybe putting
the IV3000 first will keep the wings away from your skin more??? I tried it
his way this morning and will see if I notice a difference

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