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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #553

Hi Gail,  Boy I could have wirtten you post about your husband!  I am in the 
same boat. Ive only had my pump for two months so I guess its understandable, 
but I cant seem to make him understand that everything about my diabetes is 
different now. He still insists on taking a bottle of orange juice with us in 
the car. I say, John, I dont need that anymore. My pancreas works just like 
yours now. That is all to no avail however. He still checks me in the middle 
of the night to see if Im sweating. And says the usual things like, Here, you 
are stumbling, drink this orange juice Well, I know Im not stumbling, but I 
just go along with the program. I keep telling myself, he has been doing this 
for 36 years. Im not going to change him overnight!  Don't get me wrong tho, 
He has been my rock all these years. And now that our kids are out on their 
own, he is my only support. And another thing while Im at it, do you notice 
that no matter how much you explain to your friends about diabetes, they 
simply dont get it? How often Ive explained to people what to do if I act 
spacey, or am stumbling, as my husband would say, they still panic and I find 
myself tooling down the highway in the back of an ambulance!  Well, no more 
of that nonscense now that I have my trusty pump. Joan
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