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Re: [IP] frustrated to tears

Just wanted to say you are not alone.

At 13:01 -0700 10/14/00, mag0427 wrote:
>Well, i need to cry on shoulders. I can't stand this constant
>battle. Everyday it seems is one problem or another. Matt's sets are
>only lasting 2 days, when they were good for 4 in the begining.

We've given up on getting more than 2 days out of Trent's sites.  On
the few days in which we were able to get a third day, the site was
swollen and sore when we finally took it out.

>It seems he's requiring more insulin than ever. He's eating lunch at
>school at 11:30 and coming home in high 300's at 2:30!!!!!!!!!

We've experienced unexplained highs frequently.  I have been getting
better at finding problems with the tubing or site, and I recently
noticed air bubbles travelling throught the tube when you look
closely while bolusing.  Hopefully, this will get better as we get
better at it.

>AHHHHHHH. Nighttime snacks are STILL a problem. I'm up all night
>correcting. Although, shhhhhh lastnight was descent, he had
>microwave popcorn, 2 cups, and bloodsugars were stable. 141 2hrs pp
>and 119 through the night, thats something good atleast. Poor kid
>will only be allowed popcorn as a snack for awhile.  I'm just tired,
>frustrated, and sad.............i know i'm not alone. Thanks for

We have just resigned ourselves to frequent night time checks.  More
than we needed with MDI.  Still hoping that someday this won't be

>With the lunch problem, would you increase basal, or lower carb
>ratio first?  AHHHHH.

This is impossible to guess without more knowledge.  I would say that
at least, if possible, have him tested an hour and a half after the
lunch bolus and then give a small correction if he is still over 200,
but YMMV and your endo may have a better suggestion or even think
this suggestion was wrong, so I would run it by him or her first.

In short, we have replaced frustration with resignation of sorts,
along with carefully regulated optimisim that things will get better.

father of Trent, 4yo, dx 6/00 pumpng 8/00.
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