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Re: [IP] Q from an *Oldie*

> > I said all that to ask this (~_^): When you other *oldies* were
> > with MDI or doing your own BGs, how did you accept it? (I think many of
> > newbies just know that's the way you treat DM not knowing *the Good ol'
> > Days).


For myself and my twin we accepted it has part of the diabetes. I do
remember all the health personal always telling us that if we didn't take
care of ourselves by taking shots and trying to do BS testing we all will
have the complications that diabetes carries. Also my twin and I just
finished talking and asked if I remember first the glass syringe and then
the disposable needles and for me finally the pump. What we both remember
about the testing was the chem tablet testing by I think mixing the urine
with the tablet and getting it kind of boil and change color to give around
about reading,boy was that way off. Can any of you oldies remember using the
chemstrip and watching it change color? They were always I think and yellow
tape . Also I think my twin had to take two different types of insulin. My
mother could mix them for just one shot. At times he would get the type and
then the regular as it was called in the early 50s. For I do remember all
the different types they were U-40,U-80,a little later U-100, and then NPH
70/30 and finely the humalog what I now use in the pump. For me its now just
a world of difference.  Also when I was pull on MDI it was in 1971 and the
doctor wanted as he said better control with a leg break to heal and it did
to their amazement. Finally when moving to Arizona I picked a doctor and
went for a complete checkup to be told that I'm doing quite good but because
of the time having diabetes it will start getting bad and now the
complications will start.  And guess I just told them with that type of
encouragement he isn't my doctor. Since that time I have found an goooddd
endo that has let me deal with this disease and have really been of a great
help and if anything has always listen to what I was saying. He is also endo
that tried to get me on the pump in the 80s and I also got on it because of
his knowledge and awareness of pumping therapy.We in southeastern Arizona
has many great endos that are in Tucson. So for me I did see a need for the
testing but with little results that we could use. Also the meters that came
out in the 80s where quite easy to with the lancet that was like a
guillotine that hit your finger and it always got the blood for those first
larger meters. So its a trip that has been a challenge to all with a disease
like diabetes and I hope and continue to make everyone more aware of it. See
my twin has less than two years to get that medal and I less than 6 and we
will both see it.

Bob 44years

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