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[IP] frustrated to tears

Well, i need to cry on shoulders. I can't stand this constant battle. Everyday it seems is one problem or another. Matt's sets are only lasting 2 days, when they were good for 4 in the begining. It seems he's requiring more insulin than ever. He's eating lunch at school at 11:30 and coming home in high 300's at 2:30!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHH. Nighttime snacks are STILL a problem. I'm up all night correcting. Although, shhhhhh lastnight was descent, he had microwave popcorn, 2 cups, and bloodsugars were stable. 141 2hrs pp and 119 through the night, thats something good atleast. Poor kid will only be allowed popcorn as a snack for awhile.  I'm just tired, frustrated, and sad.............i know i'm not alone. Thanks for listening.  With the lunch problem, would you increase basal, or lower carb ratio first?  AHHHHH.