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Re: [IP] First week on pump!!

> Gail,
> be patient with your spouse as he has been over the years it will take
> for him to trust pump to take good are of someone he love and looks out
> but once some time has past and the pump is doing it job your on good
> I'll bet he will love the pump as you do. Gordon

Something else that may be helpful - there is (or at least, was) a chat
night for spouses of pumpers available here.  While you have tons of us on
here who might share your feelings/situations/etc. on the "road to
pumpville", he could be feeling kind of alone as far as not having anyone
else's experience to share from the support-person's perspective...I think
that could be a little lonely in some ways.  I think that chat is a Monday
night thing...anyone else here willing to offer more info?

Also, it will take him a while to break habits that have become instinctive
in looking out for you...threads have popped up on here from time to time
about how many people have automatically during weeks (or even months) after
pump start reached to fill a syringe after checking their bs.  Many of us
have the "automatic pilot" system thoroughly ingrained, as do our families &
friends, & it can take a LONG time to retrain those responses.  I was at
parent-teacher conferences Thursday night (we go from 3:30-9:30...what fun!)
& my principal was horrified when he found out I didn't bring dinner with
me - he was convinced he'd find me lying on the floor with low blood sugar
by the end of the night.  I've been pumping for more than a year now, &
since Day 1 in his building, & this year he has a second-grade pumper as
well...but fifty years of knowing (peripherally) that diabetics MUST eat at
a certain time still takes precedence over the info he's been given over the
past year or so.  In time, in time...

(or Vixen, for those who want a "word")
(or Sammi, to those who prefer a "human" name!)

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