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Ok list I could use some help here. Yes I am still  struggling with Ryans 
numbers.Last time I posted I said we needed to go back to a meal plan 
because his numbers were just so high like 20.7 and even got as high as 
27.5. So before I get the meal plan figured out his numbers change and were 
lower for the week and then yesterday he was very low 2.2 and he was at 
school anyway he had about 5 juice boxes and 1/2 cup milk and this started 
about just before lunch and at 3:30 he was still 2.4.Then for a couple of 
nights his numbers were like this
9:00pm  7.6
2:00am  7.3
7:30am  6.6
Not bad I thought this went for a couple of nights and then one night this 
is what happened
9:00pm  7.7
7:30am  2.8  I did not get up at two because things were staying pretty 
close to bedtime numbers.But what happened this night?????He had no activity 
because after school we went and watched his sister play volleyball till 
6:00 then had supper and then he had to study so he had no activity. So see 
what I mean how can I change anything when things just change. Is this maybe 
hormones or who know what is going on but it is so frustrating any ideas 
would be great. Thanks
                                          Lori Ryans mom
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