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[IP] School bus - 504/ Note to Wombn

The Bus Barn must be tired of me
by now, and you would think they would understand by now!!  Anyway, I called
them again and explained to them that the best person to help Jessica is her
brother, and I will NOT have him too afraid to get up and help her!  They
said they will make a note of it and that he will be allowed to help her
anytime he needs to.  I also told him that I don't give a d*** what the
monitor says, he can get up and help her no matter what!  He will NOT get in

Do you have a 504 plan in place?  If so, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong
out there, folks) that all school personel (that should include bus driver &
moniter) are required to follow it.  If not, or if it needs revision, I'd
work to get one established that says specifically that her brother is to be
permitted to assist her at any/all times of need.  Some parents out there
who've actually dealt with these plans might know better than I if this is
possible...I'm not familiar with the actual drawing up of such plans, as I'm
usually "behind enemy lines" in these cases, as a teacher.  :)  While I'm in
a school district that seems to do well by its diabetic/otherwise
medically-challenged students (I consider any kid who has to work through
the school day with & sometimes against the effects of any medication to be
such, so please don't go off on me because of the label...if anyone finds it
offensive, please offer me a better one!), I've seen enough posts about
parents battling to protect their children's rights that I think if I were a
parent with an MC child, I'd DEFINITELY want a 504 in place!

Best of luck to you both (all three...big brother deserves a SERIOUS hug for
facing the monster...oops - moniter - to help her!)

Digression from pumping below:

> I personally don't think you should change your name (nickname) unless YOU
> want to.  It's YOUR nickname for goodness sake, no matter how it's spelled
> or pronounced.
> I know I'd be very irate if someone told me I should change "Tink", even
> I spelled it Tnk or some other supposedly unpronounceable way.

Gotta add to this...in pretty much all my non-pumper e-mail correspondence,
& most of my friend/family social interactions, I do not go by "Sammi".
I've been called that most of my life, so it still works - & it sounds
perhaps more reasonable (respectable?  :)  ) than the name I was tagged with
several years back (has it been fourteen - yep, 1986 - I AM getting old!)
that stuck & I sort of grew into.  Anywhere else I'm "Vixen"...& some on
here have sent me mail to such, which makes me smile - it's like you dug
through the surface name & wrote to the real person underneath.  This thread
has just made me wonder if I'd have really taken some slack if I'd entered
the list less formally name-wise...on e-mails, I tend to sign it    'v'xn~
...which I know would make sense to those others who draw beautiful
typographical self-portraits, pump & all, but might cause everyone else to
think "we've got a real froot-loop here, folks!"  :)

Thankful for the friends I find on here under ANY name,
'v'xn~  ...or Sammi  ...whatever!

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