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[IP] Q from an *Oldie* and Dex report

I was glad to begin seeing a knowledgeable doctor, Dr. Safrit at Presbeterian 
Medical Center in San Francisco. I would have done anything to start feeling 
better. MDI was no problem. Dr. Safrit imported some BG meters from England 
before US FDA approval. The funiest part was the squeeze bottle. I thought if 
I loose it I'll have to buy a doll. It looked like a doll's baby bottle. I 
needed a watch with an analog second hand. To test away from a sink I rinsed 
off the strip, after 60 seconds while holding it over a paper towel which I 
could put in a plastic baggy. I did not like to do it and couldn't make it 
part of my life. When I upgraded funny the size of the blood drop I drew now 
so much too big it ruined the test. The first strips required a round drop 
like a dome that also filled a circular troff. The second strips were a 
square of chemical that was to be saturated with blood and then blotted. 
Today I just bought my second Dex. The first carried in my pocket 1 year 7 
months tested 15 points higher than the new one. The old one was failing, 
sometimes wouldn't start the countdown, sometimes counted down and then 
nothing, sometimes just nothing when strip out.
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