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RE: [IP] continue on high fat meals and food labels

 Sorry, just re-read your post, maybe you are intending to eat the same 
amount of fat every meal but the product label is in error.  I think the 
majority of labels are inacurate. I saw one I would trust. It had a special 
note that its accuracy was dependant on mixing the quantities of three cans 
together. That made sense. How could they say every ladel was dipped equally 
deep? I read a good one not. The label on some imported candied fruit was not 
stuck on but printed on the box so small it almost required magnification to 
read it. 0 carb, 0 protein, 0 fat, 4 calories per gram of carbohydrate.

What I wrote before re-reading your post:
The things I can't deal with I avoid. Fat. I did have two slices of cheese 
today with fresh fruit. It had 9 grams of fat to 8 grams of protein. I think 
we just naturaly avoid things that make us feel unwell. I predict that taking 
R insulin after a high fat meal would cover it. I've read suggestions however 
of specific amounts in the square wave bolus that worked. That reminds me of 
my 1978 experience as dietician trainer for a juvenile diabetic camp. Some 
kids would come to me and say, "We would like the fat removed from our meal 
plan. Butter or margerine is OK but we get a lot of it." They got a lump the 
size of a plum and had to eat it. I was told to respond, "Well, we can of 
course change your meal plan and adjust your insulin (1 or 2 shots/day). You 
understand you must eat the same every day and that means when we have potato 
chips you will do without." It surprised me what they were willing to do for 
chips. So for you I see the problem is you don't have a high fat meal every 
meal nor could you want one.
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