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[IP] Re: static electricity and finger sticks horible

to remain in a noise free 
 state.  >>
question:  Is this just a minimed problem?

Its just an electrical engineering design practice used in equipment which 
may be subjected to static electricity. One could design equipment that would 
not fail, or actualy that would have an MTBF, mean time between failures, of 
billions of years. Thats the way we count the probability of failure. At some 
point we say a design is "over designed". That means we forgot about size, 
convenience, cost, and other things that are not focused on reliability. I 
love this interest in my work. I applied to MiniMed. But they wanted RF 
engineers which I wasn't. But now the 508 is remote controll, that's RF. Cool 
but I had hoped the engineers were designing the continuous glucose monitor 
with RF. I need a pocket watch that has my current blood glucose because I 
can't get a lance through the calouses on two of my fingers. If I go to the 
pinky it bleeds too much and a calous there would be more visible. Funy years 
ago I never thought I'd get such calouses.
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