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[IP] First week on pump!!

Wow...this has been a great week. I can't believe a month ago I 
was telling my doctor the reason I didn't want to go on the pump 
was it sounded like a big lifestyle change. It is and it's fantastic!!

My numbers have been good..consistently around 150 and I know 
in short time we'll get them where they should be. Being really 
insulin resistant I have gone from 130-150 units a day to around 85 
units TDD. That's amazing in itself. I love not taking 6-8 shots a day!

After the first two days I got to trust that my MM 508 was delivering 
and stopped checking my blood sugars every hour. Mainly, 
because my fingers couldn't take it anymore. My biggest "crisis" 
has been that after about 48 hours I get a no delivery alarm. When I 
removed the set it is bent. Any tips on how to avoid this? First time 
it was right after a shower and tonight it can around dinner. Each 
time right before the alarm I noticed that the site was tender and I 
was getting light shooting pains around the site. Is this normal? Is 
it wise that if I notice this I should just change the site before the 
alarm goes off?

Also needs some tips for my husband. I was diagnosed right after 
we started going out 12 years ago and he's lived through all the 
ups, downs, hospitalizations, severe hypos, and being completely 
uncontrolled for about a year due to the need of taking steriods 
after I had meningitis. He is a trooper. He is also very protective 
when it comes to my diabetes. My mother is also type 1 and has 
every complication that a diabetic can have after 45 years of 
battling. My greatest incentive to be in the best control.

But here's the problem how do I help him adjust to this wonderful 
new lifestyle. Example: I worked really late tonight and then went 
swimming. When I got home he was in a panic because he thought 
I was going to crash because I was going to eat dinner so late and 
had been swimming. Reality was I was fine a bg was 124. He is so 
use to "feeding the insulin peaks." I have tried to explain the 
"philosophy" and that I can now wait to eat and not having to 
"cover" my insulin. Any suggestions for the spouse? 

Gail : )   
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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