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[IP] NYC pump meeting

We had about 12 people show up at the first meeting in October of the 
Manhattan pump club, including a great Nurse educator/CDE from Dr. Drexler's 
office, a rep from Minimed and a rep from Insulin Infusion Specialties.  We 
had lawyers and writers and artists and sales people and retired people...it 
was GREAT..

Our NEXT meeting will be on Thursday NOVEMBER 2nd at the same place...the 
Good Shepherd Episcopal Church.  I will post the exact address as we get 
closer to the date, but I wanted you to all put it on your calendar.  I am 
trying to get a nutritionist AND an exercise physiologist to join us cuz I 
have this burning desire to know why I always battling that war between 
depleting my system of sugar and getting to that FAT burning stage!

Any suggestions, please let me know...I have the name of some nutritionists 
and one exercise guy, but I might need a few more.

Hope you can ALL make it (yeah all 2600 of you IPers!!!)

Sara SP
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