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[IP] doppler and more on p rozac

Peter wrote
>  I am going for a Doppler test (for the legs) and am not real clear
>  as to what in actually entails. I know that it somehow measures 
>  circulation but am wondering what's involved in the test 

I had one done in Februarywhen my CDE thought the horrible bone chilling, 
breath taking, eye crossing, stomach churning, brain exploding cramp I had 
had at 5 in the morning might have been caused by a clot (personally i 
thought it had more to do with having a severe low and perhaps having some 
kind of convulsion in my sleep...but since I had ALSO been having some 
flashing, tingling pain and discomfort down my left arm, when she said I 
should go to ER and get checked out I kinda freaked and hopped in a cab.  The 
reason Carolyn gave me for concern was that if there was a clot in my leg, it 
could be carried in that big old vein into the heart and do whatever it is 
clots do to hearts...so naturally I over react and think I am having a heart 

I dont remember the exact details of the test, but it is done in radiology on 
a table (I took my pump off cuz it looked vaguely magnetic...)  It was kinda 
like a giant massager that they pressed along that long vein or artery that 
runs up the inside of your leg...apparently they can see if there are any 
clots or narrowing...they can see where circulation is slowed down or 
inhibited I think.  Kinda cool sound it makes - you can hear the pulse of 
your blood...

It did not hurt, except when he pressed on where the cramp had actually been, 
and I think that was due to the muscles having been strained, NOT the 

I have no idea what they do if they find clots or impairments to 
ciruclation...I imagine perhaps blood thinning drugs or that thing where they 
put a line into your vein - what is that...angioplasty?  

I had no clots, and though it was really hard for him to find it (i just love 
being difficult), he said i had great circulation.  I also had my 
electrolytess tested to see if i was low on potassium which could have caused 
cramp...no it was completely normal...so they had no idea what was wrong with 
me....hypcochondriac is probably what they thought...but if they knew me 
better they would know I tend to stay as far away from hospitals as I can 
(see archives Jan-Feb 1998 to see the reasons)

The highlight of the visit was seeing Matthew Broderick in the hall waiting 
for someone...hope it wasnt serious

I hope that helps....i am sure you will get more specific help from more 
experience people here.  GOOD LUCK!!

and just in case anyone was wondering and since we were on this subject 
earlier today, about 5 weeks later i read an article on ANTI DEPRESSANT 
withdrawal....About 2 weeks before this cramp, I had stopped my prozac cold 
turkey rather than weaning myself off it as I had done in years past (I was 
out and was too busy to order more) and the tingling in my arm - kinda like i 
was touching a low current exposed wire started soon after, and then the 
cramp.  After the ER epidose, I started taking them again cuz i was feeling 
old and feeble and heart attack susceptible since my dear friend Leslie had 
just had to have her heart tested and she is younger than me.  The tingling 
went away and I never thought about it in connection with the prozac until I 
read this article in which it described my symptoms (there were several 
others) to an EXACT tee...I had TOLD the ER admitting nurse that I had 
recently stopped taking prozac...After I read the article, when it came time 
to go off the zac, which i do at the end of april, i SLOWLY came off it...and 
had no symptoms.

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