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[IP] Re: Food Addiction

Lea I wrote:

Ok, pumpers I have a question.  I feel like I am "addicted" to food.  I've
been eating like there's no tomorrow.  AND to top it all off, IT SHOWS.  I'm
gaining weight like crazy.  When I first went on my pump last December, I
lost about 10 pounds.  Which was great, but then it dawned on me that I
could now eat stuff....anything.....more like EVERYTHING.  I don't exercise
which I know is my biggest problem.  Do any of the pumpers out there take
any of those herbal supplements that are supposed to help curb appetites and
help you lose weight?

I've done a lot of reading about herbal supplements and it's got me
downright scared.  Be very careful of Ma Huang (ephedrine--not sure of
spelling).  Apparently these aren't regulated by FDA and many people have
experienced heart problems and even death from taking herbal weight-loss
supplements.  The problem is you think "herbal" and then think "safe", which
isn't necessarily true.  For me (sometimes I think I'm "addicted" to food
too) I find that eating a lot of fiber and soup, and making sure I get
protein in my meals helps curb my appetite. When I "forget" to do the above
I start getting out of control with carbohydrates.  It seems like eating
straight carbs makes me want MORE and I start feeling out of control. It
might be interesting for you to record when you are feeling "out of control"
and when the cravings aren't so bad.  I've found the the week before my
period is the time I start getting really sweets crazy.  It's just nice to
see a pattern so that you can say "This too shall pass".

  Girlfriend, you can't get around the exercise.  Do you like walking?  Find
some exercise that you can do for 20 minutes EVERY day.  Do it for 3 weeks
and you will be hooked.  Take this challenge, you might be surprised!!!
"They" say it takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit.
kindest regards,

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