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Re: [IP] MDI the good old bad old days

Linda (& others),

><<  I wish I had access to a CBGM.  it wil be another 2-5 years
>before we can get them in Canada.  Until then i have no idea what's keeping
>me in night sweats each night and truly causing the am bg's of 400-500 each
>day.  >>
>Darrin, it is a nuisance certainly, but you could spend some nights doing
>tests at different times to try to figure that problem out.  Better than
>waiting 2-5 years?  Sure sounds suspiciously like a rebound to a low to me.

I have.  Dozens of times.  Each night normal range or stable bg's until
about 6:00am then a slow and then faster upward surge in bg's until
11:00am.  I have done hourly bg's many times but these are not "normal
nights" as I am awake.  Due to the various physical things that happen
during sleep staying up all night and doing hourly bg's has not answered my
questions. I hope experiemnting with the pump will.

>I still have the gray metal pen I got in the early 80s -- never found another
>one I liked quite as well.  The problem I remember with the advent of
>disposable syringes in the 60s was the rapidity of the change from the
>pharmacy saying "you wouldn't be asking for a disposable syringe if you were
>a real diabetic" to "you wouldn't be asking for a glass syringe if you were a
>real diabetic".  And my pictures show me to be such an innocent-looking sort!

Haha!  LOL!  boy does this sound like the establishment!  At least those
days are behind us all!

All the best, Linda and thanks for your kind suggestions!

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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