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Re: [IP] MDI the good old bad old days

In a message dated 10/13/00 10:50:46 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  I wish I had access to a CBGM.  it wil be another 2-5 years
before we can get them in Canada.  Until then i have no idea what's keeping
me in night sweats each night and truly causing the am bg's of 400-500 each
day.  >>

Darrin, it is a nuisance certainly, but you could spend some nights doing 
tests at different times to try to figure that problem out.  Better than 
waiting 2-5 years?  Sure sounds suspiciously like a rebound to a low to me.

I still have the gray metal pen I got in the early 80s -- never found another 
one I liked quite as well.  The problem I remember with the advent of 
disposable syringes in the 60s was the rapidity of the change from the 
pharmacy saying "you wouldn't be asking for a disposable syringe if you were 
a real diabetic" to "you wouldn't be asking for a glass syringe if you were a 
real diabetic".  And my pictures show me to be such an innocent-looking sort!

Linda Z
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