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Re: [IP] Q from an *Oldie*

> On 13 Oct 00, at 12:41, J Hughey wrote:
> > I said all that to ask this (~_^): When you other *oldies* were
> > with MDI or doing your own BGs, how did you accept it? (I think many of
> > newbies just know that's the way you treat DM not knowing *the Good ol'
> > Days).
> When I was diagnosed around 1982 I told my doctor I was going to be
> checking my own bg using the Chemstrips (anyone remember matching the
> colors and interpolating to the closest match?).
> Rev. Randall Winchester

I really like the Chemstrip BGs - even have an old tube for my display for
the BASH. My endo encouraged cutting them in 1/2's to save $$. I cut them in
1/3's. But I was given 800 Visidex strips so put Chemstrips on hold for
awhile. But, Rev., I had already had DM 30+ years before doing this and
couldn't see the REAL need. I was forced to check because I didn't want my
feet amputated, which I was headed for at the time with the severe burning
due to neuropathy. My endo said, "So what if you read it as 190 and it's
really 186 - you're not going to do anything about it anyway." It took
awhile for me to change to a meter, too, and not be able to cut the strips!
My endo really hasn't changed much from that early '80s thought of doing
nothing about it. He didn't keep up with 0.1u deliveries and several basals,
etc. Nor was I *trained* about Humalog - only switched. I just heard, "You
can do better" stuff.
Jan ܰ

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