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Re: [IP] self image - DM horrible

My self-image before I became diabetic was pretty good.  I had a few
problems, but overall I didn't let them stop me.   Once I was diagnosed
my self-image dropped to a low, where it stayed for almost 15 years.    I
figured that since I had diabetes I might as well live the messed up life
I thought I deserved.  I saw myself in a rocking chair, not being able to
do anything for myself.   So, that's the life I set out to live, even if
it meant not taking care of myself and feeling lousy all the time.

It's taken all these years for me to realize that I didn't have to
suffer.  It's too late to change the complications I have because of my
warped thinking, but me feeling like I deserve failure isn't my main goal
in life any more.   

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