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Re: [IP] 48 Basal settings

On 13 Oct 2000, at 8:31, J Hughey wrote:

> > That way, all your basals and such would just be re-programmed into
> > the pump without you taking all that time to reprogram 48 basal settings.
> Even though the MiniMed has the POTENTIAL of 48 basal settings, plus
> Temporary basal, does anyone actually use that many? What is the most
> anyone uses? I use 3 consistently and often the Temp. ܰ Jan (61 y/o,

Of those who have responded to the IP Survey, only 1% use 15 or
more basal settings.  I would imagine that there might be one
person using 48 (of course I have a very good imagination).   You
can view the % of respondents and the number of basals used at

and you can respond to the survey at


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