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[IP] MDI the good old bad old days

I said all that to ask this (~_^): When you other *oldies* were approached
with MDI or doing your own BGs, how did you accept it? (I think many of the
newbies just know that's the way you treat DM not knowing *the Good ol'

When I started their was only PZI Protamine Zinc and Insulin Which worked
for 24 hours but I mixed it with regular. we only had pee testing in little
test tubes with clinitest tablets. we had glass syringes with huge 25 gauge
needles we boiled in a teastrrainer in a little aluminum pot or if I went
someplace I put my syringe in alcohol since there were no places to boil in
a hotel. After Hagadorn there was NPH and multiple injections which allowed
you to get up the next morning without feelng you were going to die within
the next 15 minuts if you didn't get the first shot of the day, When I had
to get up at night I had to take regular so I could function. I always
wanted to say prayers in synagogue for Hagedorn for inventing Neutral
Protamine Hagedorn Insulin (NPH) even though it was porcine. I thought 2
injections a day were bad but on 6 a day it was worse. When I got my first
bg meter with the bird stabber I realized how worthless pee testing was. I
felt so much better on MDI I didn't care about the injetion pain. I never
would have been able to do practice without MDI. When I had to go in at 4
am I blessed the MDI regime. My endo put meon MDI telling me I'd feel
better. She wasright. I did. 

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