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Re: [IP] Q from an *Oldie*

On 13 Oct 00, at 12:41, J Hughey wrote:

> I said all that to ask this (~_^): When you other *oldies* were approached
> with MDI or doing your own BGs, how did you accept it? (I think many of the
> newbies just know that's the way you treat DM not knowing *the Good ol'
> Days).

When I was diagnosed around 1982 I told my doctor I was going to be 
checking my own bg using the Chemstrips (anyone remember matching the 
colors and interpolating to the closest match?).  He spent  a while trying to 
talk me out of it but I had the encouragement and support of my wife and 
the diabetes teaching nurse.  I was crazy enough to know even then that the 
best tool in the battle against diabetes was information - data and a 
strategy to deal with it.  He had me show him that I could read the strips 
and compared my results to his office lab meter.  I was within 5 points 
every time, so he finally wrote the prescription for the test strips and 
started looking at my logsheets.  When he left town a few months later I 
switched to the doctor I'm still with - and among the first questions he 
asked me was if I was checking my bg myself.  He's always been a big fan 
of keeping bg as close to normal as possible, even in the pre-DCCT days. 

A couple of years later he wanted me to switch from the old 2-shot a day 
routine to MDI...  I wasn't really too happy with the idea, but after we 
discussed it and I investigated it I ended up on MDI, using a MediJector 
II for my pre-meal injections of Regular...   I had a week in the hosptial in 
Louisville for training on MDI.  It took a while for me to be able to handle 
the constant shots - I've always hated shots...  but it was an improvement 
over the two shot a day regime so I eventually accepted it as a painful 
reality...  along with the twice daily hypos and the problems I had getting 
my fasting bg below 250...  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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