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[IP] Glucowatch study

Hi Folks,
Just wanted to share my experience with being a subject in a glucowatch
study last week.  I don't remember signing any confidentiality forms so I
think it's safe to post this.  The glucowatch, for those that don't know, is
a form of non-invasive blood testing.  I don't exactly know how it works (so
I'm really unable to give away any secrets anyway!) but I think it uses
electrical impulses (someone more knowlegable should correct me on this) .
There were about 18 subjects and we each had to wear two watches.  The
watches are attatched with a strong adhesive and a velcro band.  We wore
these watches from 6am to 9pm and had our blood sugars checked every hour
the standard way (meters and finger sticks).

My opinion about the glucowatch after the study, is that it is a neat idea
but I would wait until the model is more fine tuned before changing my blood
testing method.  The watches were bulky and frankly a little ugly.  There
was a stinging sensation when the watch was doing its thing.  I wouldn't say
it was painful, but I was aware of it being there.  It seemed that you had
to be very careful not too bump the watch to insure that it stayed in place.
And finally, after removing the adhesive which attatched the watch to my
skin, I had tiny blisters on both arms which though very minor aren't yet
completely healed today (a week after the study).

On the positive side, the watch would beep when you got too low or went too
high.  That would certainly be incredibly helpful in tightening control so
that some action could be taken immediately when this occurs.  I feel very
optimistic that someday this will be a much more comfortable and delicate
looking watch.  It will be a wonderful thing to have when it is really truly
perfected.  It's amazing what they are able to do now and I am by no means
dismissing the current version.

Aside from getting a peek at a really potentially cool aid in
diabetes-management, I got to talk to a whole bunch of other diabetics.  A
large number of us are on the pump.  I even met a couple of people from this
list (Hi Dawn and Todd!).  It was a neat experience.  Everyone who I talked
to who has a pump says they would never go back to injections.

Finally, does the watch work?  Well I have no idea.  Only those giving the
test had access to the readings the watch was obtaining.

In short, assuming the watch was working, I think it's going to be really
cool SOME day.  The design as is, I found to be somewhat uncomfortable and
impractical.  This is just my opinion.  Someone who really despises the
finger sticks might find it a godsend.

Kindest regards,
email @ redacted

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