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[IP] zoloft

spoy wrote
>  [zoloft] was not real effective for me but YMMV, the drug 
> that worked best for me was Prozac but I lost a lot of weight on it 

this KILLS me...I have seasonal depression so I always ask for a prescription 
of Prozac about November 1st every year..maybe it is a mental thing, but it 
DOES get me through this time of year when the sun is gone and the air is 
ionized and all that other stuff they say that contributes.  Every year I 
have gotten this, the doctor says, "ya know, this drug will help ya lose 
weight," cuz he always know how badly I wanna shed 20 pounds.  Maybe that is 
what the "literature" says, but I think the reason people lose weight when 
they go on anti-depressants like Prozac is that when people are depressed, 
they "generally" tend to eat more.  When we are all doped up on 'zac and 
"happy," we don't sit around in front of Oprah with bags or doritos, crying 
in our ben and jerrys about how miserable our lives are..

Unfortunatley for their "theories," I do NOT eat when I am depressed...I eat 
very little as it is, but when i get really depressed I eat even less...I 
LOSE weight when i am not on the freaking drugs!!!!  In 1994, the year before 
I was diagnosed with SAD, I lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks...on the pump even.  
basals were running at about 6 units per day...and running on coffee and 
fumes all day...hated going to the store, hated sitting in restaurants alone, 
overwhelmed by work, hated my roommate, hated my job...downward spiral, 
mentally and physcially.  The next year, I was given Prozac...no longer did 
the holidays SUCK...Imean literally for the FIRST time in about 10 years, I 
did not DREAD December!  So I pop them puppies now...I perk up, i enjoy the 
company of human beings again, so i go to the store and buy food or go sit in 
restaurants, and go back to my same old weight...dammit it hell...almost 
makes me wanna just stay depressed...kidding...that was a joke

Sara SP
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