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[IP] Re: Zoloft

In a message dated 00-10-13 12:09:48 EDT, you write:

<<   Now, my adult sister took 
 Zoloft, and it didn't work that well.  It made her insomnia worse, so she 
 ended up not on an antidepressant but just .5 dose of klonopin for her 
  And that helped just by allowing her to sleep at night.  I think Zoloft is 
 one of those seratonin receptor drugs.  Look it up on the Internet. >>

Zoloft was the first drug I was prescribed for my depression.  It helped 
immensely--I did have to also take Trazodone to help my sleep, though.  I 
took it for about four months but had to switch to Celexa because Zoloft 
started giving me really bad headaches.  Other than that, though, it really 
helped me.  Good luck!
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