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[IP] totally FED up

 I hate doctors!
 Damn infection or whatever and now having issues with
every set inserted no matter wehre. Same symptoms as
last week although the back pain isn't dull but
constant and ridiculously sharp. BG have crept back up
as have ketones. Insulin doses are so huge now I'm
flying through insulin.
 No available appts with the PCP, but they prescribed
another antibiotic..that makes THREE this
week...firest one was for something else. Don't know
how to get rid of the back pain, been doing Excedrin,
Advil Aleve, a combo etc, etc.
 THe PCP called back wants teh ENDO involved.>DUH, bu
thtey aLways refer you off for an infection not
diabetes related..ie, something wrong inside but they
don't know what. but I agree to call anyhow...office
is closed so get the answering service....who couldn't
take the full message (I'd called before I went to the
ER last time, left a message, he never called back
don't know what happened..but from the ER the doc got
ahold of him jus to say what Ialready knew about hte
pump). Anyhow, she took a message basically saying
CALL ME, b/c she couldn't take the details of the
highs, the pain, the antibiotics, the ketones, or the
PCP being concerneda bout the diabetes.
 I HATE this. I am ready to get away from specialists
period and search for a PCP who will force himself to
deal with the diabetes. When you try to mix doctors,
it doesn't work, each ALWAYS points back to another
one to the point that nothing is accomplished.
 IT's a bunch of crap. And to get a urine sample
tomorrow, the nurse then goes, oops, can't do that,
with antibiotics the urine willb e screwed up anyhow.
She coudln't suggest anything about my back, she
thought 7pills was a lot anyhow but didn't know what
else to say--but call my endo ASAP..so I did. she
wants me to call HER back tomorrow and I will and
something, SOMEHOW has got to get to teh bottom of
this. I'm tired of huritng, I'm tired of the highs and
ketones, and more than anything, dealing with
doctors/ERs, if nothing else I will switch insulins
myself just to figure it out..and i mean through shots
b/c obviously smething is happening with my sites or
whatnot..they said maybe i have an allergy but it's
been over a year..a bunch of crap.
 They should not refer you off always. And you should
not have to wait till a TRUE emergency to get a hold
of a doc or to even get an appt..which I must add,
with the PCP if you're luicky you can talk to the
advice nurse, and then make an appt...but like last
week, the appt is so far back that if something is
really wrong they tell you just to go to the ER.
 And on top of that, the appointment they had to offer
for a week from Monday,w ellI'll be in St. Louis
then--go figure

 And yes, I've changed sets, bottles of H, done so
many shots yoiu'd think I was a shooter, not a pumper,
been extra clean, taken the whole 9 yards, did the
antibiotic for a little while all that crap..the
inflammatin under my arm is gone but not the lump. and
they want em to talk to my endo?? I know he can't do
squat about an infection, b/c they are the local ones
but come on they all refer you elsewhere to the point
that something always happens...i can't wait till i'm
a doc myself with some knowledge of what to do -- I
mean up doses DUH, but whne that doesn't work and
nothing else and there's an underlying infection you
can't pinpoint grrrrrrrrr

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