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Re: [IP] Q from an *Oldie*

In a message dated 10/13/00 1:42:27 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< When you other *oldies* were approached

with MDI or doing your own BGs, how did you accept it?  >>

I had been on 2 shots a day since 1955 (except for a brief period in the 
early 60s when the doctor wanted me on 1 -- I couldn't function in the 
afternoons, and was always high by morning, and figured out I needed the 2, 
but pretended to the doctor that I was still only taking 1 for a while <gr> 
-- not quite the best doctor-patient relationship).  So I already understood 
advantages of taking it more frequently in the mid 80s when 3 a day was 
suggested.  But I remember going around for a while thinking "but that's a 
50% increase!"  A few months later when the idea of taking 4 a day and GIVING 
UP THAT DAYTIME NPH was suggested, I jumped at the chance. (Proper motivation 
is very important <gr>).

Having always wanted to be the one in control, doing hbgm seemed positive to 
me right from the very beginning, but it did take years before I really was 
able to use them very efficiently.  I had had some interim experiences of 
periodically going to the lab every morning and the hospital every evening 
for a week to get glucose tests, having to wait an hour and then persuade 
them to tell me the results (even tho the doctor had ordered that they should 
tell me, the "keep the patient protected from the truth" mentally was very 
hard to overcome), so doing them myself really simplified things (and was 
less painful also).  But they only became really attractive when I had 
learned enough to be able to use them to improve my control:  just taking 
tests and reporting them to a doctor was better than going out to get the 
tests, but still somewhat of a chore.  Once I felt I felt I could really do 
something with the results, they became empowering, and have remained so :-)  

Linda Z
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