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[IP] school bus problems

We have the best nurse in school, but the school bus situation this year is
a different story!  New bus driver and a "bus monitor" this year.  Now mind
you, the age range on this bus is kindergarte to 6th grade only.  Except for
average bus problems, we certainly don't need a "monitor"!!!  Anyway, all
the kids are terrified of her.  Including my son who was too afraid to get
up out of his seat yesterday to go help Jess who was having a low and
couldn't find her meter or glucose tabs in her backpack.  I am furious. 
Jess  kept saying she needed to eat the monitor said "What do you mean you
need to eat?!"  Jarred finally stood up and saie "She is DIABETIC!" and was
completely IGNORED!  A friend on the bus gave Jess all her crackers to eat
instead of wasting time with the monitor.  I have personally spoken to these
two people and explained Jessica's situation to them.  They said they would
sit her in the front of the bus then so they could "watch" her.  I said No,
that isn't right.  UGH!  But they ARE better than last years driver who
called her "That poor little sick girl"!!!  The Bus Barn must be tired of me
by now, and you would think they would understand by now!!  Anyway, I called
them again and explained to them that the best person to help Jessica is her
brother, and I will NOT have him too afraid to get up and help her!  They
said they will make a note of it and that he will be allowed to help her
anytime he needs to.  I also told him that I don't give a d*** what the
monitor says, he can get up and help her no matter what!  He will NOT get in

Sorry so long, but I had to vent.  Murphy's Law I guess...have a great and
easy time in school and have a b**ch of a time getting there and home again!

P.S. I work so the bus is the ONLY option I have.

Nita in Texas
Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 2 years & Jarred, 10

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