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Re: [IP] feet asleep update...not good

    You'd previously mentioned possibly attending our JDF-Phila "Diabetes: A 
Family Adventure" conference on October 28th. Might be an even better idea 
now since I just learned one of the moderators for the "adults who've grown 
up with type I" group is herself possibly facing a transplant. That's not 
intended to be a depressing thought to those reading this who are new pumpers 
doing all they can to optimize their health, but the cold hard reality is 
that whether one has or hasn't been super diligent in their care, the 
"complications card" gets dealt indiscriminately I've learned, dependent upon 
luck & genetic propensities. Once the card's been dealt though, it behooves 
anyone in that situation to find out ALL they can as quickly as possible. As 
Sara "Smarty Pants" articulated so well, a top doc CAN make a world of 
difference in care & outcomes.
Regards, Renee (pump mom)
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