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No Subject

Leanne asks about square wave and dual wave boluses (booli)later. WHEN and
HOW are you supposed to square/dual wave
bolus for high fat? do you split your dose in half? do you give yourself
the full amount up front, then give more later? i know this is a ymmv
thing, but please, what do you all do, to give us an idea to go by? i
could find nothing specific in the 'puming insulin "book...

I have gastroparesis and I never know when my stomach wil get going so I
put most of the bolus up front example 26 units for: Initial 20 units right
away then 6 units in 30 minutes. For a high fat meal: 10 units right away
then 10 units on an hour then 6 unitsfter the second wave. Since you are
very sensitive to insulin you might further divide it Leanne. i would like
a pump alert for this last situation Disatronic and Animas pumps do not
have these bolus settings but can be programmed to do them. These delayed
settings are necessary for me for every thing I eat after i do my CGMS I'll
know better spot

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