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[IP] feet asleep update...not good

Well, as many of you know, my feet seem to be falling
asleep all the time, and I talked to my nurse today,
who seemed concerned since this has been happening a
few times everyday.  Well, he pulled my file a noticed
that he had marked a decreased sensation on the tuning
fork? test, in my last few visits...HELLO? why are
they telling me everything 's fine ...that doesn't
sound FINE.  This is the exact same thing that
happened with the collect-your-pee-for-24hrs-test.  I
did it two years in a row with abnormal results and
only found out b/c I called to get the results of the
last one and they "mentioned" that it was a little off
and when I asked how it compare tho the previous
year's, they found out that was a little off too, so
now i'm on Accupril.  
Their rational is that I'm totally obsessive about my
BG control, and since I do such a good job with my
numbers, that's really enough for me to be bothered
with. I am so terribly upset about the feet thing,
which by the way, they don't think the feet asleep has
any relation to diabetes and now I have to see a
neurologist.  yeah great, another doctor.
Anyway, PLEASE don't send me any letters about having
a positive outlook and mind over matter.  I already
know these things.  Although my life view is pretty
positive, I am horrified by the neuropathy news. 
First it was the laser to the eyes, then funky numbers
with the kidneys and now the footsies get their turn. 
I feel like a lemon and I need to be a little sad
right now.  Sorry to be such a downer, but i really
needed to vent.  thanks.
-Alecia , great, now i'm crying at work!

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