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Kasey (you lurker) wrote:  
>  P.S. Sara - Kayla no longer stuffs her pump in her underwear.  She
>  realized it looks odd.  Sigh.  She must be growing up.

It is SOOOO good to see you!  I always wonder how my future smartie pants 
successor is doing and I am AWED by your story...That is great.  My mom' 
favorite story is how when i was 6 years old, i asked her if i could have the 
nickel on her dresser, cuz that, plus the nickle I had from lunch (didn't buy 
milk) and the dime I found on the street, would be enough for a popsicle when 
the ice cream truck came by...Math skills for some people, which is what 
pumping TRULY is, at heart, come more easily, and sooner, for some than 
others...Hell I know ADULTS who have difficulty dealing with figuring out 
high boluses...

Congrats, and nice to see you...

and for those who wonder...when Kayla first started pumping at 5, she'd stuff 
her pump in her undies...now how is THAT for a creative place to put your 
pump when you are merrily frolicking about the house!

Sara SP
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