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[IP] D-tron pump/ long

Where do I start?  I learned a lot about the D-tron yesterday.  As an H-tron
wearer I was a bit intimidated with all the features.  I don't think the
operation of the pump will be a problem for most people. I knew how to
operate the pump and features by the time I left yesterday.

There are four buttons on the pump.

Menu: Allows you to select a menu screen by Icons shown on the screen and it
allows you to move within a screen once you have selected a screen as the
one you want to use

Check: This button pretty much does all your confirmations. Couldn't get
more straight forward than that.

Up and down arrows:  These are used to change information displayed on the
screen. And to do a standard bolus.

And as it seems with all pumps out today there are sequences of button
pushing that make the pump perform what we want the pump to be doing for us.
The above was just a simple explanation about the buttons.  When you are
learning about the pump from a trainer you will find that these sequences
are very logical and will be easy to remember and understand.  Especially
when the user becomes familiar with the icons.  Practically all functions
start with the menu button except for a standard bolus.

Here are some interesting facts I learned:

There is a reason for the shape of the pump.  And it's the retractable
piston rod.  I was told that the pump was built around this component thus
the reason for it's size.

The battery is labeled to last about 2-4 mouths.  The Technicians are
finding that they are lasting much longer than that.  But it mainly depends
on how much you are pushing the buttons.  The battery is a long life lithium
battery. (I thought it was very weird looking)  They will be sold in sets of
five and may have the ability to purchase individually.  They will be about
$ 20-25 a battery.  That sounds like a lot but if you do the math it will be
quit comparable since it will last so long.

There is a backlight.

The power of choice program will be going on for quite some time.  If you
are a new pumper you can chose to be on a d-tron waiting list or you can do
the power of choice option and start pumping sooner.  This also works out to
be cheaper because when you use the POC (Power of Choice) program you get
the H-tron first and you pay for the H-tron.  When you upgrade it is with no
additional charges.  There was said to be about a 500.00 price difference
between the two.

The adapter on the pump is quite different that the H-tron.  The different
design is a part of the leak detection system.  All sets still fit into this
adapter.  No worry there.  Also with the leak and occlusion detection system
and because the pump delivers insulin every 3 minutes you should be able to
know that there is a leak or occlusion in 3 mins of it occurring.  Also
there is a different alarm for an occlusion and a cartridge leak. This will
help a lot in trouble shooting because you will know exactly where to look
first with either alarm. (leak alarm: cartridge and adapter) (occlusion:
from the tubing at pump to the site)

The retractable piston rod is a really smart feature on this pump.  When you
load a cartridge no matter how full or empty it is, when it makes contact
with the rubber stopper in the cartridge it knows exactly how much insulin
is in there.  This could possibly save on a lot of wasted insulin.

Speaking of insulin, There will be prefilled cartridges with humalog (3ml).
This is possible with the help of lily making a pen to hold these
cartridges.  They were presented to the FDA for the use in the pen and hey
if they happen to fit the pump then that is great.  It will be that a doctor
will have to write the prescription as for use in the pen.  These pens will
come with your pump for back up purposes.  Also to save on the insulin thing
again, should you ever have to send your pump in there is no need to waste a
cartridge of insulin.  Just take out the one in the pump and use it in the
pen or just drop it in the repalce ment pump.  For those that mix insulins,
only half fill or just like to do it your self.  It will be possible to fill
your own cartridges but this may prove to be more expensive.  Mainly because
you will still have to buy the cartridges used in the h-tron to do this.
But an interesting thing about filling you own is that bubbles should be
less of a problem because the cartridges have a vacuum in them. I won't go
any more into that because the whole process is different than the h-tron
and it's a bit long to have to type.

To tie the last two paragraghs together I must say this that the days of
being able to push the insulin manually into the tubing or to draw in air
maybe over.  This is just my personal opinion.  But I have heard of times on
the list where people have had a problem and have had to remove the cartidge
and either push the stopper in the cartridge or pull it back for what ever
reasons (such as dead batteries or using insulin in tubing when pump says
you are out of insulin).  This seems to me that it won't be possible. 1.
Becuase there is no pluger to screw into it and 2. It's just hard to move.
You will have to carry the pen with you for emergency backup.  This is just
my opinion and I know that with all the smart people  on  this list you guys
will figure something out if you need to. : )

Did I happen to say that this pump is smart?  It will save 90 days of
information on it that will be downloadable by a infrared eyes on the pump.
You will only be able you view on the pump itself the last ten entries.  The
software for this is awaiting FDA approval.  Also with the professional
software you will be able to go to your Doctor's office to get features and
settings changed on the pump via modem.  No  more sending it in to change
things like that.  It is also means that there is an actual calendar on the
pump.  I know that with my H-tron it only has the time, not dates on it.

There will be an accessory for small children that fits over the end of the
pump with the bolus buttons so that an unintended boluses won't happen.

The bolus features:  There is standard bolus, Scroll bolus ( for more exact
bolusing in increments on 1/10 units) and Extended bolusing ( I don't
remember the increments for this but you are allowed to set the duration in
15min. increments up to 4 hours)

The Temp basal feature can be set from 0-200% for up to 24 hours.

The alarm feature can be turned off but the pump will continue to vibrate to
notify you of activities, alarms and errors.  Also with the alarm, the
volume can be adjusted and when an alarm goes off, the longer it is left
beeping the louder it gets.  Good for those middle of the night problems to
wake you up.

In the shipment of the pump it will come with prefilled saline cartridges
for practicing with the trainer before actual hook up.

For now that's all I can think of.  If I missed something you wanted to know
email me privately and I may remember it then.

Also at the training was a Therasense Rep.  I had never tried one of these
and wasn't too interested in getting one either before yesterday.  We all
got to use one and I must say that it is definitely painless. Also I found
out that by the way it tests blood and depending on what you bg is will
determine how long the result comes back.  The higher you are the longer it
takes.  And I think some one had mentioned on the list once that you needed
their lancets for this meter.......not true.  The only difference with their
lancets and the rest out there is that they are a bigger gauge because you
are poking your arm.  The others can be used you just might have to use a
little more pressure when poking your arm.  I didn't have any trouble with
getting a blood sample from my arm.  And this one needs so little it's
amazing.  Also if you make a mistake getting your sample on the strip you
have up to 60 seconds to reapply.  I don't think I'm going to give up my
Accu-chek right now, but now that I have a therasense meter I have my
options open should I ever need to poke my arm.

Well this was my take of the D-tron and I tried my best to say only the
stuff that I knew was true and only what I was told by the Disetronic Rep.
yesterday.  If I did make a mistake I am truly sorry.

Sheila Morris

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