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Re: [IP] Note to Wombn

J Hughey wrote:
> Dear Wombn,
> I respect your desire to remain annonymous, but wombn is *almost*
> unpronounceable. Could you make up a name for yourself that we could
> identify you? Something like Suzy Q or Myrtle? A name with great chances of
> not being duplicated (unlike Jan - although Jan StillLow was before me on
> this list).  And then sign them so we can mentally attach a post to you.

I've seen wombn for a long time on m.h.d.

My own solution to it is to read it as is:  womb, pronounced "woom" for
all the young folks, otherwise known as uterus! and -n, pronounced
"nnnnnn", and when you put them together, you get an approximation of

But sometimes, I succumb, and call her "wombat", which is a little
Australian animal -- I like animals, so it must be OK.

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