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Re: !!Re: [IP] Strange Smells

Tom Wellman wrote:
> <Has anyone ever experienced having a strange smell which
> seems to be manifest
> in most cooked foods and auto/truck exhaust?>
> Thank you for this thread - I've been noticing the same
> thing, but with only certain foods, restaurants, exhaust and
> the smell of the print in newspapers and some novels... I
> thought I was bugging out because no one around me thought
> they were odd...
> How about taste - I've been in a mode the last few months
> where everything tastes salty - no matter what it is.  The
> only thing that doesn't is water....

I've had both the above experiences, along with a bad taste in my mouth. 

I have managed to correlate the bad taste with high BG's, why, I don't
know, but there it is. When my BG comes down, the taste goes away.

The smell phenomenon comes and goes, as does the salty phenomenon. 

I think the salty problem is when my body has too much salt, and I need
to cut back. That seems to help. 

I've also learned that I crave sour when my potassium is low. 

But I haven't figured out why the just plain acrid, bad smell, so for
the moment, I just endure it until it goes away.


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