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Re: [IP] zoloft

Zoloft is a 20 year old drug that is still widely prescribed because it works 
so well on so many people.  My 9 year old son went on a .75 daily dose for 18 
months.  Since that treatment 2 years ago, he has been a happy child with a 
whole new life.  Before the Zoloft, there was testing for learning 
disabilities, speculation about ADD or ADHD, talk therapy and lots of 
ridiculous advice to the parents.  I suggested taking something, his 
child/adolscent psychiatrist chose Zoloft, his "drug of choice" and the rest 
is history.  I don't want to oversell it, but this is our story.  I am so 
grateful something helped my son who was truly depressed and had been since 
he was about 3.  Yes, kids can get clinically depressed too.  And their 
symptoms aren't necessarily the same as adults.  Now, my adult sister took 
Zoloft, and it didn't work that well.  It made her insomnia worse, so she 
ended up not on an antidepressant but just .5 dose of klonopin for her sleep. 
 And that helped just by allowing her to sleep at night.  I think Zoloft is 
one of those seratonin receptor drugs.  Look it up on the Internet.
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