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[IP] Bloodless & Clueless (& Thankful, let's not forget THAT!)

A HUGE heartfelt hug to all of those who sent support & positive thoughts &
prayers during my experience with having a D&C two weeks ago.  I've kind of
spent the last few weeks pulling myself out of the mental kind of "limbo" I
let that put me in, & I think I'm a functional human being once more.  (I
won't claim "normal"...the definitions vary a bit too widely on that one!)
At any rate, I'm glad to be back with a steady equilibrium again & I've just
gotten caught up on the pump reading...missed a few threads I'd have liked
to jump into, but I'll wait until the next time they crop up - some of them
demonstrate that "resurfacing" tendency more than others!  :)

Had the post-op doctor visit yesterday - they took 15 MORE vials of blood!!!
(Yes, it's October...& I looked pretty closely at the doc's teeth to check
for points!)  When I was in two weeks ago, they were to take 13
vials...could only get 9 at the time, & collapsed several veins in the
process.  (I'm difficult to get blood from on a GOOD day!)  So at present,
I'm counting 24 vials of blood...for WHAT???  Yes, I know I need to discuss
this with Doc Dracula - but I don't get to see him for another two weeks.
(I guess he's a busy man...but he's the closest ob/gyn who would take a
diabetic pregnancy - successful or otherwise - & he's more than an hour
away, only at that hospital on certain days, limited calling hours,
etc...the next closest doctor is close to two hours away.)  What I'm asking
here, so I don't go crazy over the next two weeks, is do we have anyone on
the list who went through the genetic testing process while attempting to
get pregnant?  Any info or shared experience on this would be GREATLY
appreciated!  Anyone willing to e-mail me privately on this, I'm at
email @ redacted

Again, THANK YOU for the support...I went "incommunicado" for a while &
didn't respond too much to individuals who sent to me - but when it felt the
darkest here, I read & re-read your e-mails, & knowing you were there did
more for me than I can possibly say.

Finished licking her wounds, & currently seeking information,

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