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[IP] continue on high fat meals

hi all! i wanted to add on to lea's question about high fat foods. ok, so
thanks to linda earlier in the week i've found a carb ratio that works,
but for example for lunch yesterday the only thing i changed was i had
fritoes for lunch -10 g of fat! 15 carbs. i was 113 before lunch and 3
hours later i was 275. hot dogs- 16 g of fat. 86 pre meal -225 3 hours 
later. WHEN and HOW are you supposed to square/dual wave
bolus for high fat? do you split your dose in half? do you give yourself
the full amount up front, then give more later? i know this is a ymmv
thing, but please, what do you all do, to give us an idea to go by? i
could find nothing specific in the 'puming insulin "book...
dx 8/1/00
assimilated 9/27/00
email @ redacted

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