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Re: [IP] Re: when to let go

> It turns out that Kayla has been managing for
> herself for the last 2 weeks and she's been doing an incredible
> job...no weird numbers at supper time.
Isn't it WONDERFUL !!!

> If I had known ahead of time that the secretary would be out, I
> would have demanded that Kayla call me everyday with her numbers. 
> Even though I'm a little irked that I wasn't notified, I'm also glad
> because I don't know when I would have decided to let Kayla assume
> more responsibility in making treatment decisions.  After talking
> with her about her lunch checks over the last 2 weeks, I'm
> completely awed by how much she truly knows.  I guess she's been
> paying attention the last 4 years!!!

Gently push her to do more (except ratio calculations and other hard 
math for a 7 yo), tell her your there for her to check. You will 
continue to be amazed

Michael (dad whose been there, done that, and still amazed!)
email @ redacted
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