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[IP] hospital pump hookups

In a message dated 10/11/00 2:58:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< This is just an opinion, but......
 I think that some physicians that are unfamiliar with or new to pump 
 therapy send their patients to the hospital  >>

Actually, my doctor is not at all new to pumping.  He has many patients on 
pumps and wanted me on a pump back in 1993, but I lost my health insurance 
and so it was not possible.  I think the whole idea of the overnight 
hospitalization is to get the new pumper firmly grounded.  My pump trainer 
will come by and my doctor will be on call all day.  This will help in case 
any of the stuff from the pump class I had back in August didn't stick in my 
mind and I need a review.  I think it did, but I feel more confident having 
immediate, in person backup the first day.  Also, this is one way to make 
sure that I don't try and cram in my normal schedule the first day.  I think 
I could manage just fine without the hospital stay.  I've always had a good 
grip on managing/tweaking my blood sugars.  Oh well!  Yes, it's inconvenient, 
but definitely worth it!

Michelle H.
email @ redacted
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