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[IP] soon...and thank you!

<< I was wondering why you have to spend a whole day at 
 a hospital.  >>

It's standard procedure for my doctor for starting his patients pumping.  He 
just wants me starting off in controlled conditions where I can be observed, 
tested frequently (though I already test 10X a day) and any emergencies can 
be handled.  Also, I'm on 3 shots of NPH a day and I suspect it will be 
difficult to figure out what my basal should be (yes, I've read "Pumping 
Insulin"), considering how unpredictable NPH is with me.  And I know that my 
insulin/carb ratio is wrong.  I think all the NPH is covering parts of meals, 
so who knows!  I knew this hospitalization was part of the deal from the 
outset, so I really can't complain now. 

Michelle H.
email @ redacted 
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