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Re: [IP] Honesty


Bonnie Richardson wrote:
> SNIP>>>>>>>> Please do not think I am making a judgement call either way on
> whether
> or not you should do this, I am only offering information to help make
> the decision... If you knowingly provide false information on forms such
> as this it is generally a crime (it usually says so right on the form).
> If you do lie, and then for some reason you are in an accident and they
> find out that you lied, you might face problems a lot more complicated
> that filing some extra paperwork. like getting your license revoked for
> a much longer period of time...Laura<<<<<<<<<<SNIP
> Laura, I think we all know that.  However, I believe that in this case it
> would be easier to apologize for the oversight. Of course, you are right,
> and for someone who has a history of frequent siezures, or other driving
> problems, the paperwork should be carried out.  But for so many of us, who
> have never had a driving problem, or an accident, etc., DMV has gone
> overboard causing loss wages, unnecessary paperwork and wasted time for no
> reason.  Those of us who fly right by that question are not knowingly lying,
> we  inadvertently overlooked it (or didn't have diabetes when they first
> filled it out...., like you know, everyone that is diagnosed is not going to
> run down to the DMV and say, oh, I have diabetes now.....). My personal
> theory is, they let DUIs keep driving, so if I just stay out of their
> (Drunks) way, I will be fine.  I know I am not a danger on the road because
> of my diabetes.
> Bonnie

Rationalzation is a very useful emotional tool until we look back and
say "oops".

How many times have Drunks said "I know I am not a danger on the road
of my drinking"... 

Generally I am not a danger on the road and there have been times when
things happened when I really was a danger on the road...  

In the "dark ages" going skiing was one of them. Leaving work driving 3
to 4 hours to the ski area. Followed by skiing til the lifts closed (Sat
& Sun) and then driving home Sun. night... And that doesn't include the
diabetes variable...

After the fact it's very obvious to look back and say "oops"... No I
didn't get in an accident BUT I do remember opening my eyes and still
being on the road after "sleeping" for who knows how long...

Jim S.
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