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[IP] started my new pump

Well, I got my pump form MM on Tues. and got my CDE to start it for me this 
morning it took about 11/2 hr learn to do it all sat basal, bolus square wave 
duel wave and use the remote. I left the office with a bg of 169 basal set at 
.5 at lunch my bg was 82 ate lunch did a normal bolus. Then after 2 hr went 
back to the  office they wanted to check out how I did my bg was 81, so we 
changed the basal to .4  Ever thing seemed so easy to do and under stand. I 
only had a little trouble getting the sil. in with the tape and all. and then 
getting the plug peace to come out ( iwas scared to pull thought i would pull 
the whole thing off) but I think I am going to love this you now compared to 

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