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Re: [IP] Convincing Blue Shield...

>My pharmacy by mistake sent it through prescription coverage rather than >medical supplies and Blue Cross rejected ... They resubmitted the claim under >medical supplies and it was paid with no problem.  ... Some of the large >companies will just dismiss a claim even if it is just sent to the wrong >department (wrong mail drop in the company).

UGH! We once had to submit a claim for supplies 5 times because it was
supposed to be under medical supplies and it kept going to prescription.
Everytime we sent it we included a note saying it goes to medical
supplies and we would call them and say "it goes to medical supplies",
and then we would get the denial letter from the pharmacy dept... And we
would call and they would say "resubmit". G*d forbid the stupid pharmacy
dept could just hand the receipt over to the medical supplies dept. Or
we would not hear from them and we would call and they would say "we
have no record of receiving those receipts". We finally included this as
part of our complaint to the state insurance dept. Somehow they
magically "found" the receipts and managed to get them to the right
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