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RE: [IP] Practicing with my pump

Leslie--It's wonderful to hear that you are so excited about your pump.  I
just have to add that when I first started using my pump, I was new to
counting carbs AND new to the pump.  I carried around a briefcase full of
all the information the pump trainer and dietician gave me for about 6
weeks.  The first time that my husband and I went out to eat without me
carrying in all the paperwork was cause for celebration.  Now, like you say,
it's OLD HAT.
Lea I

SNIP...I realize the pump will work, all the time, I am the
one who controls what I get, and I am the one
responsible for how well my body responds to this
therapy. Any of you considering a pump must realize
that the operation of the pump is only as good as the
operator. IT will continue pumping along, we have to
learn the best way to use it for our body. It will not
work by itself. It is not a new pancreas. Guess I just
want people to realize that there is still work
involved, as there always will be when your are
diabetic and want to have the best control(long term
health)possible. But, I see it as a new kind of
freedom, once I get the hang of it all. Hope this
helps someone out there! Feeling great to REALLY be a
part of the group now!....SNIP

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