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Re: [IP] Honesty

>>If you knowingly provide false information on forms such as this it is >>generally a crime (it usually says so right on the form).

>Laura, I think we all know that.  However, I believe that in this case it
>would be easier to apologize for the oversight. Of course, you are right,
>and for someone who has a history of frequent siezures, or other driving
>problems, the paperwork should be carried out.  But for so many of us, who
>have never had a driving problem, or an accident, etc., DMV has gone
>overboard causing loss wages, unnecessary paperwork and wasted time for no
>reason.  Those of us who fly right by that question are not knowingly lying,
>we  inadvertently overlooked it (or didn't have diabetes when they first
>filled it out...., like you know, everyone that is diagnosed is not going to
>run down to the DMV and say, oh, I have diabetes now.....). My personal
>theory is, they let DUIs keep driving, so if I just stay out of their
>(Drunks) way, I will be fine.  I know I am not a danger on the road because
>of my diabetes.

Of course we probably all know it is illegal, but I think many people
just think of it as "just a little white lie", or an "unintentional"
oversight, without really thinking it through as to what could happen. I
personally agree that the DMV has gone overboard with restrictions that
are a pain in the ***, and are totally unfair, unreasonable, and
outdated. How about we work to change the restrictions, instead of just
disregarding them?

It is unfortunate and unfair, but as Brian says, if you are in an
accident and they find out you have D and didn't tell them, even if the
accident is not your fault (or even if it is your fault but not D
related), you can lose your license, you can be sued, insurance
companies can refuse to pay you, you can lose your insurance... 

Just because you are a good driver does not mean that you are safe from
being in an accident. My sister-in-law was in 4 accidents in under 2
years. None were her fault and the police reports in every case said
that there was nothing she could have done differently to keep from
being hit. Shane has also been in at least 3 accidents that were not his
fault that he could not have prevented. When I was a kid, our car was
hit by a drunk driver. There was nothing my dad could've done to avoid
that one either.
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