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[IP] Practicing with my pump

Wow! Can barely believe it! I've been hooked up to the
saline since Monday. 

The hook up and set up with the infusion set wasn't
nearly as bad as I has worried about. I have the MM
508, using the softserter. I didn't feel a thing!! Of
course, it was a wee bit different last night when my
hubby and I were figuring it all out together for the
first change-out.

 I am so glad hubby went with me to the training
because he was a BIG help last night when I had to
change my first infusion site. I didn't ask him to
help, wanted to do it "all by myself" but, naturally,
I messed up the first time and he heard me talking to
myself in the bathroom. Came in to see how I was
doing. It was then I asked him if he remembered this
or that. I was following a list of instructions, but
that can be confusing, to me anyway, until I get it
all down in my head. 

When it was time for insertion I got a little nervous
and instead of leaving the softserter against my ab,
when I pressed the button I moved. There was some
pain, but nothing worse, IMO, than when I goof on my
injections. Next time, I'll do it better! 

I get hooked up with insulin(humalog)Monday(16th)
morning. I'm glad they've given me a week to
practice,although, I'll admit, I'm tempted to run
around "freely" this weekend, since it will be the
last, but I probably won't. 

I know people read through these digests to learn,
they have helped me greatly, so I thought a little
info about my first insertion site event(haha) might
be helpful to others. 

Removing the cannula proved to be no problem. I was
concerned about that too. The tape is basically like
skin so it peeled off very easily. I just pulled the
cannula out and it didn't hurt at all. Can you tell
I'm always more concerned about the pain side of it?

I used Betadine(as my nurse/trainer suggested)to clean
the area and covered the tiny hole with a small round
bandage. I even went ahead and took a bubble bath
while all the stuff was out.

 Now, my nurse/trainer told me to change my site
whenever I felt most comfortable, which, for me, is at
night. The "rules" say to change in the morning so you
can deal with any highs, so everyone should do what
their doctor or trainer tells them, probably until
they are comfortable with the procedure. Mine just
happens to go with "what's best for you".

Over the week I have given myself boluses with normal
and square. Haven't done the dual yet, but plan too.
I've found it's very helpful to practice like this.
The pump features become more familiar so next week,
when I get the insulin, the programming part will be
old hat. 

I'd like to thank all you folks who continue to post
both your problems and your progress with using
insulin pumps. Thank you to Michael for keeping this
going, it really is a great public service. 

I realize the pump will work, all the time, I am the
one who controls what I get, and I am the one
responsible for how well my body responds to this
therapy. Any of you considering a pump must realize
that the operation of the pump is only as good as the
operator. IT will continue pumping along, we have to
learn the best way to use it for our body. It will not
work by itself. It is not a new pancreas. Guess I just
want people to realize that there is still work
involved, as there always will be when your are
diabetic and want to have the best control(long term
health)possible. But, I see it as a new kind of
freedom, once I get the hang of it all. Hope this
helps someone out there! Feeling great to REALLY be a
part of the group now!


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