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[IP] The *Twins*

(I got a mail undelivery notice and am trying again. This post may,
therefore, be duplicated. - Jan)

> J Huey, I would like to know the specifics on how those twins with
> diabetes for 66 years are now doing?       do they have complications?
>    which ones?      Did they have complications when they got their medal
> at 50 years with diabetes?   i have had DM1 for 51 years and have a
> bronze medal too.  I have to admit it was a thrill.    gudo

Congratulations on your-over-a-half-century of DM! I'll received my medal in
a couple of weeks in time to display at my BASH (Bawling, Amazement,
Sincerity, Humor). My goal is to have 1000 years of DM represented. If the
twins come, they will add 132 of them!  They are almost 72 now. Obera had an
arterial bypass in her leg around Memorial Day and was in the hospital over
2 months. Her lung capacity was reduced to 30% and she thought she'd have to
use an oxygen bag the rest of her life, but she is doing well now without.
At the 50-year mark the microvessels in her legs shut down and she had to
crawl for awhile. When she stood, she stepped on one foot to the other as
though rocking because it was so painful. She carried a campstool with her
to keep one foot propped when sitting. This is the reason for the bypass

Her sis about the same time this year started on dialysis and isn't doing
too well on it. Valera also passed out in a low and hit a tree and messed
herself up pretty badly about 15 years ago. I believe she also had a heart
attack. They are lovely ladies and *don't look like diabetics* lol.  They
both have had cataracts removed. They, of course, were on the one-a-day shot
routine as you and I were. But they stayed under good control (as far as pee
tests could tell) since they told on each other if one cheated (I mean *took
liberties*). One or both have to have drops in their eyes, too, as well as
BP meds.

A few years ago Valera lost her husband and likes to spend winters in
Florida. Obera and Dan will take her and stay; she likes to go early. That
is the determination of whether or not they are at the BASH 11/4/00. She may
not want to leave her dr. while doing the home dialysis.

Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM 507C 3/99)

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