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Re: [IP] Low but Meter says HIgh

>Kap often gets 300-400 readings if he doesn't wash his hands.
>However, in fact be LOW.
>Kap's first endo said, I was the first person to ever say that "The foods he
>touch's affects the readings."
>I figured out soon enough he was useless and we had to figure out Diabetes on
>our own.  Why he didnt say at our 1st visit "YMMV" is beyond me!
>Now, the hard part is telling 8 year old male child to WASH his hands.  What
>gives with boys and water, until puberty hits and then all of a sudden they
>take 3-4 showers a day.
>Living and Learning and Laughing!
>Darlene - Mom to Klean Hands Kap - age 10 and growing up well adjusted
>inspite of his MOM.

Yeah, I have heard this before and I have tested it out on myself.  Many
substances on the hands will significantly affect the bg readings.
Anytihng with glucose (don't know abuot teh other 'ouses) as well as most
soaps and cosmetics etc.

As I say; I've tested this and found that some soaps and foods left on the
hands will give an error in the range of 200-300 points off.  At the same
time; any water or sweat on the hands will lower the readings

Another thing to remember is that most meters have a large error range in
the area I think of 9-15%.  So I round all bg readings off to the nearest

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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