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[IP] D with adverse effects

 OR their diabetes must have adverse effects on 
 thier educational performance. >>

I am so happy to hear that most graduated high school college, etc with the 
highest honors and never needed a 504 or IEP (individual education plan - 
under other health impairments.
Kap was labeled adhd before dxd with D.  However, during the time span pre-D, 
there was never an option for 504 or IEP given to us (his parents).  Only the 
After his dxd of D, then the school pulled out the papers for an IEP, so that 
he may test, be observed, not take a test if a low had occurred before 
testing on a subject matter.  And modifications be given during educational 
testing, he now works for 20 minutes and breaks, test bgs and treat if 
necessary for high or lows.  If low, the test is stopped and started the next 
day or later that afternoon.  
Why the 20 minutes then a break is very simple for Kap, his hands go numb if 
he writes for extended periods of time.
Also, if he is high, sorry guys, but he gets the giggles and there is no 
amount of punishment stops him.  He does not have the understanding what 
punishment means, When he gets high, he gets HIGH, drunk high right down to 
the glassed over eyes, falling down.  After he comes down he remembers things 
but they are fuzzy to him, and then the fatigue sets in. (Nap time) 
Lows he is very loving and sweet and extremely creative.
Quite the opposite of what I was told to expect.
Kap is very bright.  (Got from his Mom) but I would not and do not expect him 
to take an educational test that places in a certain group of slow or fast 
learners if he didn't have those modifications to his education.
As a parent, I want and get his education standards put on a level playing 
Otherwise, I would feel like I didn't do what was right for Kap. 
D has adverse effects on Kap.  There is no question about it, Mood swings, 
concentration, ability to reason, fatigue, etc.
Personally, if I had to go to the bathroom, that alone would affect my 
thinking skills.
Which reminds me!
Thanks for listening!
Darlene - Kap's Mom leveling the playing field.  At least taking the humps 

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